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Ellispark Sports Precinct + Parks

Ellis Park Sports Precinct Urban Development Framework

Typology Commercial
Location Johannesburg
Architects MMA Architects | Albonico Sack Architects | Urban Planners
Client Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA)
Completion Date 2009
Contract Value R61 Million

The Ellis Park Development Framework is part of the Inner City Revitalization of the City of Johannesburg. The location of 2 stadiums in the middle of the city is a unique condition that has to be taken advantage of. With regards to the World Cup 2010 with Ellis Park hosting a number of World Cup games, the framework prepares the city for this huge global event. At the same time the proposed structures will cater for a large number of users after the event. The inner city has undergone radical change after the apartheid era officially ended. Today town planners and city government aim to integrate and bring back the life to the streets that should be enjoyed by everyone.

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