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Westwold Way Private Residence

Typology Residential Location Parkview, Johannesburg Architects MMA Architects Client Private Client Completion Date 2016 Built Area 4 00m² (gross)

A 400m²  house in a central Johannesburg suburb for two families living together. The house is designed as two separate but intertwined dwellings around a central courtyard and kitchen. Sliding partitions allow for various configurations of dwelling.

Designed on an awkward 700m²  residual site this 4 bedroom house is planned as a village around a central courtyard with multiple variations of “situations” and living arrangements. The north and south wings are both autonomous and can be reconfigured through sliding partitions. The central hearth and kitchen are common to all

The existing slope of the site is employed to re-create a mountainous landscape through several split levels and overlooking spaces whilst the building envelope is an assemblage of folded plates cracked in places to receive light and air and take advantage of views.

A simple palette of materials will allow the changing light over different seasons to be reflected on wall, floor and ceiling surfaces